What is a Quaich?

A Quaich is a two-handed Scottish drinking cup that has been used for centuries to share whisky with friends and family. Since the 16th century, Scottish royalty have been drinking from the Quaich to show their trust in one another.  As the popularity of whisky grew in Scotland, so did the use of the Quaich as a vessel for sharing the drink. 

What does Quaich mean?

Translated, Quaich means 'a cup of friendship, a cup of love', from the Scottish Gaelic word for cup - ‘Cuach’.  Using two hands to drink is a symbol of trust between the two people as they are leaving themselves open, showing that they aren’t hiding anything (be that literally or metaphorically).

The Quaich is a symbol used for sharing, for coming together, for love, for hope and for friendship. 

There is no more powerful symbol in Scottish culture to associate with. 

As a company, Quaich is proud to be named after such an iconic vessel.