We proudly present the world's first-ever global accreditation service that meticulously certifies the best whisky and cocktail bars, setting the new standard of excellence in the drinks industry - Quaich.

Our recommended list of bars are hand-picked by an expert panel and tailored to suit all ages. Go to the bar of your choice that suits your personality. 

We connect the top bars to the discerning consumer and evaluate every aspect of the experience: from the artistry behind the drinks to the ambience that envelops you, from the knowledge and passion of the bartenders to the quality of ingredients that grace each glass.

By earning our seal of approval, your elite bar could become beacons of excellence in the global cocktail scene. You will have the opportunity to reach our exclusive client base and gain constant flows of customer feedback. 

Quaich Bar Guide validates three categories of bar - Dive Bar, Cocktail Bar, Hotel Bar.

The On Trade Quaich Affiliation comes with a range of exclusive benefits: 

  • Corporate access to the Quaich 8 Marketing Platform
  • Engraved Quaich 
  • 'Quaich' Plaque for your establishment 
  • 'Quaich' Pin for staff